Autoline Motors Frequently Asked Questions

  • Category A & B are for dismantling ONLY.
  • Category C are repairable but the Cost of Repairs (COR) at dealers retail price exceeds the pre accident value of the vehicle.
  • Category C vehicles may require a VIC Check (Vehicle Identity Check) a government scheme charging £38 (current price) to check the chassis number.
  • Category D are repairable and the assessed cost of repair is less than the pre accident value of the vehicle.
  • Category E Not recorded as damaged i.e. Stolen recovered or very minor damage.

More about VICs (Vehicle Identity Checks)

The VIC Scheme was introduced by the Government in April 2003, all Category C's notified to the DVLA will have to have a VIC check before a V5 (Logbook) is issued and then the vehicle can be returned to the road.

The VIC Check will help confirm the identity of the vehicle. The check is not to confirm if the vehicle is roadworthy, but please note that the vehicle must be substantially repaired prior to undergoing the VIC Check. You have to apply to the Vehicle and Operator services Agency (VOSA)

You will need to complete an application form providing the VIN, the registration make and model, etc. A fee of £38 (current price) is payable in advance.

The check takes about fifteen minutes, they compare the vehicles details with information held by the DVLA, once passed the result will be stored on the computer by the DVLA, you will also receive written conformation that the vehicle as passed.

Only when a vehicle has passed, will a V5 be issued.

How can I pay?

All vehicles must be paid for prior to delivery or collection, delivery can be arranged at a small cost.

We accept cash, cheques with a guarantee card, or debit cards and credit cards which attract a small surcharge of 2%

All customers must provide valid ID. Vans are subject to VAT, Cars are not!!!

Does a vehicle start?

The majority of vehicles start and run; we do have starter packs, if you wish to hear the engine running.

Do you have the parts to repair this car?

We have lots of breakers with stock changing daily.

You really need to speak to the parts department on 01538 754888 or email us for more details.